imageWe have this puppy we call Molly.  She is tiny and she runs everywhere.  I am pretty sure she thinks she is a cat; even though she has never seen one.  She eats anything and will walk right off the edge of a wall, or deck, or couch without a second thought.  She dives right in!  She also thinks that any kind of stuffed animal in this house belongs to her.  No matter the size.  Big or small.  And with three kids we have a ton of stuffed animals!  The thing is: Molly hoards the stuffed animals.  She goes around the house and whenever she finds one she drags it to a corner and adds it to the pile.  There is a mountain of stuffed animals in my laundry room.  She is such a silly dog!  Most of the time, after a busy day of hunting and hoarding, I will find her sound asleep on top of the pile of sad-looking and misplaced stuffed toys.  When I see Molly I can’t help but smile (I get a little annoyed at the mess; but I still smile).

I know this is a stretch, but I think I may be like Molly!  Sometimes I find myself wandering all over my life looking for little worries to hoard in the corner of the laundry room.  And that little corner in the laundry room is off-limits to everyone!  Even God.  That little corner has become a really safe place for me.  That little corner is a place where I can go and wallow.  That little corner is the perfect place for me to sit and make excuses about why I can’t change.  That little corner is messy.

I hope that when God sees me He can’t help but smile!  That He looks at me, smiles, shakes His head and knows the real me.  He sees me all snuggled in with that pile of worry and knows that slowly He will be able to take it away….that someday, one at a time I will be able give it all over to Him.  Because that’s what I am working on!  I want to give it all over to Him and not look for more…..


I am so grateful for a God who knows me and my little quirky, Molly like personality!  I will Choose Happy today because today is the day I let Him into the messy, worry-filled,  safe corner  in the laundry room of my heart!





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