Warning: This Post has a Whole Lot of Happy in it!

I was a lucky girl last week and was able to get away with my favorite guy for seven whole days!  Our 17 year wedding anniversary was last Saturday.  You read that right…..17 YEARS!!!  So, what better way to celebrate than on a beach in Mexico?  I can’t think of any 🙂  We had the best time and even ended up getting a little homesick (just a little though).  Last week I also became an auntie again!  It is just so great to buy little, tiny, baby girl clothes again!  I honestly, cannot stand the cuteness!  My sister is probably going to have to tell me to stop……

Warning: this post has a whole lot of Happy in it!  

I put the warning in place because this is one of those times when it has been easy to be a happy girl!  Everyone in my house is getting along (I have a teenager), the school year is almost done (don’t even get me started on packing lunches and homework), everything is FINALLY colorful again, and did I mention that the school year is almost done!  Now, I realize I am writing this after a week away from responsibility and I my thoughts are all lovey dovey and infused with visions of serenity and palm trees but…….


I am tired of living my life waiting for the other shoe to drop!  I am fed up with weighing each moment with the thought “Yeah, this is great, but what is going to happen next?”  I am over trying to remember the last bad thing that happened to us and trying to figure out if we are due for our turn again.  So, instead I am doing my best to live in the happy moments that I get each day!

I know firsthand that this is a hard thing to do, and it doesn’t mean that every moment is going to be all gum drops and lolipops…..but I am going to make every effort possible to stop living my life expecting the negative to be waiting around the corner!

So, this post has a lot of happy infused in it!  My friends are incredible, my family is just plain awesome, and my husband is seriously the best in the world (and NO he did not pay me to say that)!  I serve a God who keeps pursuing me even though I am the one needs Him.  A God whose grace is all consuming and whose mercy is unfathomable yet He GIVES it to ME!  How could I even think of asking for more?

See?  Lots of happy 🙂


Someone please come back remind me I wrote this….. 😉

2 thoughts on “Warning: This Post has a Whole Lot of Happy in it!”

  1. Oh my! I so love this. It just plain feels good to see someone so happy..especially you. I love the part where you said that “He pursues me.” That is so profound and actually brought tears to my eyes. That He loves me that much. I actually sighed after reading this..it did my heart good.❤️😘

    1. I’m so glad it made you happy too ❤️
      I couldn’t stop thinking today about how we are the ones who desperately need Him yet he is the one that pursues us…..His love is just completely amazing to me!

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