Today is gloomy, and after a rather full weekend I feel like crawling back under the covers and not getting up until NEXT weekend!  But, I cant……this week we have appointments, football games, youth group, small group, and practices just to name a few things on the list.  This list doesn’t include the every day stuff like homework, laundry, grocery shopping, etc., so yeah, I just wanna fast forward to the weekend!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m starting this week feeling kinda OVERWHELMED!   Oh, and lets add UNMOTIVATED to that list!


I have closets that need to be cleaned.  Drawers that need to be emptied of junk.  And about a million other little projects that are screaming at me to be done.  I kept putting them off all summer because, well….it was summer!  And now, it’s back to school and the beginnings of Fall.  I am pretty sure if I keep going I can find another million reasons to put them off again….it’s kind of a little cycle of excuses that just keeps coming back around and around and around.

I don’t know if your week looks like mine or if you are facing things that are so much more important than cleaning closets.  I do know that no matter how big or how small your week looks you are not alone.

Grace is right there with you through it all.

Love will keep you when you feel like it’s all about to fall apart.

Jesus will hold you when you feel like you can’t walk another step.


Today, I will choose happy because Jesus knows me; He knows us!  He knows what we are facing this week and ready to meet us where and when we need Him.

Now excuse me, while I go and find another reason to put off cleaning that closet; I’m pretty sure I have some laundry to fold……




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