Awwww, S@#$%!, D!*&%, and H *%$&


I usually write with a somewhat sappy, usually happy, and sometimes serious tone….today may be a little different.

I know, I know….my Mom is shaking her head right now, and thinking to herself (maybe even out loud to my Dad),

“I didn’t raise her to title a blog post with those words!”

Mom, I promise if you keep reading, it will all make sense; at least I hope so….

I recently read an article about a somewhat famous actor.  He came out and said he had become a Christian during the filming of his most recent movie.  Seriously, how awesome is that!  The actor then went on to say why he had gotten saved and discussed his past.  Well, while discussing his difficult and troubled past, he happened to use some not so nice words. Okay, they were big, bad curse words!

No biggie, right?  We all make mistakes.  I mean, honestly, who hasn’t dropped a curse word every once in a while (please, pick up your jaws, it’s the cold, hard truth)!  The part that really got to me, wasn’t the article itself.  It was the dialogue posted in the comments section after it was shared on Facebook.  These well-meaning commentors (and I truly believe their hearts were in the right place), pointed out that while they were happy this actor had accepted Jesus, it would take a little bit for him to get his heart “right”.  Of course, then his language would line up too.

This really got me thinking, and then I started writing, and now you’re reading my thoughts….it’s a vicious cycle. 

I am here to admit, here on the big,wide world of bloggers…..wait for it…..I occasionally use bad language.  Not all the time, but every once in a while a curse word will slip out of my mouth.  Whether, it is when I drop something or stub my toe, or if it is when I am in an argument with my spouse (I know, you are again in shock that I argue with my husband; chalk it up to just another mistake I make).  Sometimes, it’s just when I am really excited about the Green Bay Packers and they get a terrible call. But, I will let naughty words slip out of my mouth.

Argue with me if you want, but that doesn’t mean my heart is in the wrong place!  It means I mess up.  It doesn’t mean I need to change my ways so Christ can look at me.  It means He is there to help me along.

∗∗∗insert soapbox here∗∗∗

Not all Christians look the same!  Some dress conservatively, some have tattoos.  Some go to church every single time the doors are open and some go twice a month.  Some Christians listen only to Christian music, and some really, really, really love classic rock.  Just because someone doesn’t look like you doesn’t mean they are somehow behind you on the road to Jesus.

Last time I checked no one had it all figured out.  We are all working out our OWN salvation.  I’m not responsible for working out my pastor’s salvation, or my husbands salvation, or some actor in Hollywoods salvation.  I am working out MY salvation with Jesus alone.  It is going to look different than yours, and that is okay.

If we all had it right all the time we wouldn’t need Jesus.  We wouldn’t desperately crave His mercy.  We definitely wouldn’t have need of His overwhelming, grace-filled, unfailing love.  We need to start loving each other.  Accepting the differences we have while embracing our common ground.  We need to stop pointing out everyone else’s “mistakes” because we think that will make ours seem somehow smaller.

Maybe this actor will stop using not so nice language, and maybe he won’t.  Maybe his salvation will continue to look different from what we all see as “right” and “headed in the right direction.”  However, I am confident that Jesus love him no matter what he looks like to you and me.

∗∗∗stepping off soapbox∗∗∗

So, I am going to choose happy this weekend because my salvation is not dependent on what anyone else thinks of me.  The only opinion that matters is the one Jesus has, and He knows the direction of my heart even if other people see my actions and have questions.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for His grace!

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