It is a windy, very white, very cold, snow day here in my little corner.  It is so icky outside that my husband, who will drive in anything, just called me and told me he is turning around to come home!  It must be pretty bad out there for him to call it and head back.   But, hooray for the rest of us!  We are going to be snowed in together!  It’s my favorite place to be ♥

I was looking around the house in an effort to decided how to decorate for the holidays.  I know, I know what about Thanksgiving?!!  The recent snowVember has made it so I just can’t put it off any longer; I am powerless….really, I am.  In looking around, I can’t help but notice the pictures I have out.  Family pictures of us last Fall.  Pictures at the beach.  A few cute ones my little photog, Olivia, took (she has great perspective), and a few of vacations past.

We have a picture of all of us in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyworld.  It’s a picture I love so much!  It was our first visit.   It was soooo hot, but we managed to get along and smile. It turned out perfect!  I remember thinking how I wished I could freeze time.  Just live in this moment.  The kids frozen at these ages and us not having to deal with what was coming next; just stay in Disneyworld!

Love this place!
   Love this place!
Look how small!
Look how small!
Oh, I wanna go back!!!
Oh, I wanna go back!!!

Honestly, there are more than a few times that I look back and remember feeling like I wish I could freeze time.  This time at Disney, Christmas a couple of years ago when everyone still believed in Santa, last summer when we hiked in the Smoky Mountains and then came back to the cabin and watched movies together, and just this morning when we were eating breakfast together talking about how much we love snow days!   All of these moments, and a million more, make me want to put time in a stand still.  Slow everything down and keep it all comfy and warm.  Avoid the storms.

Of course, as I write this I have a sobbing eleven year old because I sent her to her room; long story.  I have a throbbing headache that WILL NOT GO AWAY not matter what I do; stupid weather.  The ten year old photographer won’t leave her older brother alone; more yelling and crying.  Right now I really don’t want time to stand still.  I would prefer a fast forward button…..growing pains right?!

Back to my point….

I can’t help but feel that pictures capture moments that our hearts would never forget anyway.  And each moment, each picture has brought us to the places we are in now.  Each one tells a story about how we made it, how we trusted, and how we have grown.

I will choose happy this windy, snowy day because I wouldn’t have gotten to this morning without the storm that came through last night.  And I won’t make it through this first of many snow days without remembering our picture in front of the castle!


I may not be able to avoid the storms but I have the heart of One who keeps me wrapped safe and sound so that pictures in front of the castle and moments around my breakfast table are all the more sweeter; all the more reason to give thanks♥

2 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. I does help so much to think about how going through storms in life, lead me to
    today and the person I am today.
    Good stuff as usual❤️

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