Just Be Quiet Already!

I have this little, teensy, tiny problem.  I am sure some of you also have this problem.  At least, I hope I am not alone in this!  I cannot, no matter how hard I try, keep myself from interrupting; especially when it comes to my husband!

I do it ALL the time.  And, not just while he is talking!  I keep him from hearing something he’s been trying to listen to during a really close football game.  I start talking right at the very moment something super intense and plot changing is about to happen on Homeland (seriously, who saw THAT coming last night).  I have even been known to open my mouth right about the time his favorite song is about to play, or the interview he has been waiting to hear, through about a hundred commercials, is finally on the radio…..oops!

or TV show, or football game, or movie, or favorite song…


It’s become such a thing at our house that sometimes he just waits, expecting it to happen.  Then, as if on cue, I open my mouth, and blurt out something that could probably wait.  Sometimes, he even pauses the TV and looks at me.  And, I’m all like “What?!!!” with a silly grin on my face.  Then I proceed to tell him about some random article I read about the population of New Guinea, and how they have found the secret to raising the perfect hamster (yes, it’s that random).  I really should make more of an effort to control this flaw.

But, I still do it.

It’s almost like I can’t help myself.

Then, the other day, while I was running, don’t hate…I’m sure you all have things you do that would make me to roll my eyes too, I realized I do this with God.

All the time.

As much as I don’t want to admit it; I am the queen of interrupting.

Oh, it’s not as random as the hamster thing.  As a matter of fact, it’s usually with things that most would deem important…I ask that He would help me be a better wife, parent, or friend.  I pray that I would be able to make it through this Christmas season and not freak out because of stress.  And, most importantly, I pray that I would have self-control!  I really may hurt my kids!  I have one teenage son and two dangerously close to teenage daughters; it’s a real possibility!

As important as all of these things are, and even though I know that He wants to hear them, I can’t remember the last time I just listened.  Without interrupting, or putting in my two cents; just let Him work on my heart and show me His…

So many times, I am convinced that what I have to say is the most important.  My heart and my head are so loud!  Filled with the noise of the things I want, or how I think things should happen, and where I feel I should be at this particular moment.

It’s like everything is a battle.  And, the louder I get, or the more I interrupt will somehow impact the outcome in my favor.  It’s not until I force myself into the quiet that I can really hear the words that change everything….



These words!  This little instruction that I so often forget.  This little passage in Exodus that gets kind of overlooked because of all the plagues, commandments, and disobedience.  These words are a powerful reminder that sometimes I just need to be quiet.

I am going to choose happy this warm December day because I am not forsaken.  He is faithful and will fight for me I just need to close my mouth, listen, and stop interrupting.

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