Three Days In


Heaven help me I’m going to lose my mind…or one of my kids is not going to make it through the summer!  I’m sorry but that is just the truth of it!

We are on day #3 of summer break and I have heard the words “I’m bored” so many times I’ve lost count.  Since when am I required to be their entertainment?  Apparently, the minute school let out…

Teachers, can they please come back?  Without the homework, early arrival, and lunches to pack, of course.  Can’t you just keep them all summer?  You can do all that nonsense that was dubbed the last week of school.  I mean, you could have more faculty vs. student basketball games, soccer tournaments, and talent shows; right?  You could show them a few movies and have ice cream parties everyday; it would be splendid!  Then I could pick them up, feed them dinner, and put them in bed because it’s a “school night” and they need rest.  What sorcery is this? You know, the odd magical event that coincides with the last day of school, when suddenly no one under the age 18 needs sleep anymore?  I can’t be the only one enduring this sleepless purgatory that is called “summer break.”

And all the teachers just shake their heads, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh!


And, it’s only been THREE DAYS!!! God give me strength…

Oh, I know, I know.  I was the first with my hand raised to talk about how much I love my kids home.  I was the one who started a schools out for summer countdown.  I was the mom who just wanted to skip the last week of school and call it good after Memorial Day!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really nice to not have to hide my un-make-up-ed face behind sunglasses at the morning drop off line.  And, I have loved the extra hours I get each night because there is no homework or lunches to pack (this is my favorite).  I am also a fan of the lazy, unscheduled carpool free days.  But if I hear “so, what plans do we have for the day?”  One. More. Time.


While browsing Pinterest (in an effort to numb my mind; it’s better than day drinking or drugs), I came across a verse in Nehemiah that I had previously overlooked.  It’s simply, “God, strengthen my hands.”  Oh. My.

This needs to be my prayer.  I may or may not have been trying to figure out a way for the kids to live in a tent in the backyard all summer!  So, once again divine intervention was on our side.

I am going to do my best to choose happy this week because even when I can’t exactly feel it, God is strengthening my hands and my heart.


Now, excuse me while I go break up a screaming match about whether or not it’s someones “right” to put their feet on someone else’s nightstand (I can’t make this stuff up).

Please pray for me!


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