10 Things I HATE about You

Well, maybe more like 5 things I hate about you…and actually, I don’t hate you.  It’s more like 5 things I hate.  Yep, just 5 things I hate.  Not about you, or anyone else.  Just 5 things I hate.  But what kind of title would that be?  This way I have your attention, right?!!!


It’s not that there are so many things that bug me that I needed to compose a list (please don’t ask my husband if that’s true).  It’s just that life seems a little complicated lately, and the world around me seems so sad, and angry, and overwhelmed.  It got me thinking…..

1).  Love.  I hate this world’s new definition of love.  I hate that marriage isn’t taken seriously.  I can’t stand it when people say that they just aren’t “in love” anymore.  I really don’t like that love has turned into a selfish word.  That love is defined as whatever makes me the happiest.  We have been sold the lie that love is easy.  That love is always happy and will cost you nothing.  The truth is that love is work and whole lot harder to live out than hate or indifference.

2).  Belief.  I hate that when one believes in something or someone they feel the need to stuff it down the throats of anyone who feels differently.  I hate that the word “belief” has turned into some sort of license to say whatever you want, and that no one can dare argue or offer a different “belief”.  I hate that there are no more discussions.  That everything  is an “issue” and we all need to hold the same values.  I really don’t like that there is no room for interpretation anymore.  I’m pretty sure God is more concerned with the way we are treating each other, than He is about whether we are all on the same page about the latest political candidate, or supreme court ruling.  Wow, there is that love word again…..

3).  Church.  This may cause some to raise their eyebrows and shake their heads at me, but please hear me out.  I hate that many churches are no longer communities.  I hate that church has become synonymous with that building we all go to on Sunday for 1 1/2hrs in order to feel better about ourselves for the next week.  I really don’t like that we have forgotten how to do church.  The first churches were not about what made you feel good.  The first church, the one in Acts, was all about sacrifice.  They focused on how they could give the most of their time, money, and effort to their community.  Not just the community of believers…the COMMUNITY.  Oh my, that word is coming to mind again….

4).  Life.  I hate that looking around this world makes life overwhelming.  Friends who have lost their precious babies to cancer.  Families who mourn the lose of life taken too soon.  EVERY life matters.  ALL lives matter.  The end of July marks 28 years since my brother, Adam, was killed by a drunk driver.  He was only four.  He and his friend, Kris (also four) were on their way to a birthday party.  It’s been 28 years since our families lost their sons and brothers.  And you know what? It’s not long enough to forget.  I hate that life can feel so unbearable at times that the only option is lashing out at each other.  That instead of looking at it like it’s us against the world, we view it as it’s the world against me.  I wish there was some concept that could help us get through this….

5).  Hate.  I hate HATE.  I cannot stand the hate that flows out of everyone lately.  Christian vs. non-christian, conservative vs. liberal, young vs. old, mommy vs. mommy, vegan vs. vegetarian…okay, I threw that last one in to lighten the mood a little.  But, seriously?!!! Why can’t we all just get along?  I want to say, that I know it’s more complicated than that, but is it really?! Is the concept of treating each other the way we would want to be treated that foreign?  Is it possible we have just overcomplicated the simplest concept of all?  Oops, I’m back to love again…


I’m just a wife.  I’m just a mom.  I’m just a woman.  I’m only one person.  But a few thousand years ago it was just one man with His message of love.  Love is not about me.  Love means life is going to hurt sometimes.  Love means that contrary to the way I feel, and what the world tells me, I should be putting the needs of others in front of what I want.  I am going to choose happy this week by choosing love.  By not letting the things I hate overwhelm me, and instead turn to the one, true example of unfailing love.  He loved the right way, and with His help, maybe I can make a go of it too.


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