Groundhog Day


The alarm goes off.  I hit snooze.  I get up.  I wake the kids.  I fight with the kids.  I make breakfast.  I fight with the kids.  The kids fight with the kids.  I drive them to school.  I fight with the kids.  I come home, do various tasks and work.  I pick kids up from school.  Clint and I fight with the kids.  Homework gets done.  Fighting.  Pack lunches.  Arguing.  Dinner.  Kids fighting.  Bedtime.  And repeat.

For the foreseeable future; repeat!

This is life lately.  That, up there, on repeat.  Especially, the fighting.  So much arguing, debate, and controversy about EVERYTHING.  I guess I should thank my lucky stars for the break that comes with school everyday, but it doesn’t seem like enough.  It just is NOT enough!  I actually overheard a meaningless debate turn into WWIII about an episode of Cake Boss.  Yes, you read that right…Cake Boss.

I know, I know, how do I dare share with you that my precious family isn’t the perfect example of sibling togetherness?!  I write an encouraging blog.  This just seems wrong.  What am I thinking, letting you in to see that behind the pretty little white porch is an actual war zone?  That includes a boy who hasn’t said a nice word to his sisters in weeks, and girls who share a room, but can’t speak to each other without tears and a good amount of yelling.  And, of course the hidden minefield.  My house is so full of teenage angst and hormonal outbursts that make no sense, anyone who comes in close contact leaves confused and with a mild case of PTSD. IMG_1869But, I did!  I let you in.  Now you can see this day.  This groundhog day.  This monotony that never ends and just keeps showing up the minute the alarm goes off.

Every.  Single.  Day.

Now what?  Am I going to share a cute anecdote that makes it all better?  Am I going to tell you that I found the secret to teenage togetherness and homework harmony?

Nope.  Just Nope.

I am going to say that my heart knows it’s just a season.  That being a teen is hard especially with annoying sisters.  I feel pretty confident that they will eventually tolerate each other?  I mean this week, they did sit in the same room without complaining about how loud the other chews breakfast.  Thats progress, right?!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m just crossing my fingers that it doesn’t mean they finally succeeded in their master plan; to slowly kill me…IMG_1870I am hoping that you’ll read this and be encouraged that you are not alone.  Or, that you don’t have it so bad after all.  Maybe, I’ll give you a good laugh.  Or, maybe you read this and think I’m being a whiny baby.  That you have it much worse than I could ever imagine…you probably do!  But, now I’ve validated your position and you’re slightly encouraged; BOOM!  Drop the mic!  I found a way to encourage you by using discouragement!  My blog is a success!

I  will choose happy this week by thanking God for the strength SANITY that comes from strong coffee, a little sleep, and the moments that happen just before bed (that’s when all three of them are snuggled in their beds looking like angels sleeping).  Wait a minute, two of the three talk in their sleep…


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