His Girl Friday

It’s Friday!


My attitude toward Friday is like our little dog, Molly, who no matter what gets super excited to see the kids whenever they get home.  Everyday.  They come home every single day at the exact same time and she still acts like she has never been happier than when they walk through that door.  It’s one of those things that make you happy when you see it, no matter what kind of day you’ve had!

This day comes every week and still I am somehow surprised when it gets here.  Sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  Sometimes, it seems like it just happened.  But, no matter how the week shapes up, I am still in awe at the excitement I feel when I wake up and realize it’s Friday!

It’s a time to break out of the routine of the week.  A time to be just a little bit more relaxed, and an excuse to put things off until Monday; not really, but really…IMG_2281The more I think about it, the more I think that God wants us to treat Him like we treat Fridays and look forward to the rest we have when we spend time with Him.  And, we don’t even have to wait until Friday!

We can find rest in Him every single day.

We are able to go before Him at any hour of any day and lay our problems at His feet.  We are able to praise and thank Him anytime we think of it!  Whenever we need a listening heart, He is available; it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.  He is always waiting for us, wanting us, and loving when we come before Him.  Loving the opportunity to give us respite; to be our weekend.

I am going to choose happy this week (this Friday) because even though it happens every 7 days, Friday is always something to get excited about.  So, is the heart of our Creator.  His heart is available to us 24/7/365 (or 366 depending on the year).



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