It’s Spring Break!  I have been so excited for this day for the past two weeks; not because we are going anywhere, but because I really do like having the kids at home! Oh, and not having a 6:3oam alarm for the next week is pretty nice too!  My kids are finally past that stage where they wake up before the break of dawn everyday (Thank you Jesus), so I am looking forward to a nice week at home….with a little extra sleep!

It’s Friday, so that means I get to write for She Shares Truth!  I have really loved digging into the scripture this way and reading what everyone else is learning too!  I have been so encouraged through this She Reads Truth challenge. I am little bummed there is only one more week!

  The passage of scripture this week was Joshua 1:8-9; you can read it by clicking here.

Moses has just died and Joshua has just been given the task of leading the Isrealites into the promised land.  The place they had been trying to get to for the past 40 years!  Joshua has to fill the shoes of Moses; the man who God called friend!  Talk about overwhelming!  However, even before Joshua has a chance to express his fear, before he even has the chance to get overwhelmed, the Lord is already speaking encouragement into his life!  God knew Joshua!  The Lord knew exactly what Joshua needed.

God’s goodness cannot be measured.  It’s his stability in unsure times that keeps us.  Meditating on His word brings calm. He instructs Joshua to meditate on his word day and night.  He tells Joshua that when he does this he will have peace and success no matter the opposition he may face; even from among his own people.  He promises to be with him wherever he goes, whatever he does, and however long it takes to get there.  3

This promise applies to us too!  How encouraging is that?!  The Lord knows us in the same way He knew Joshua.  We only need to meditate on His word.  His Word is always enough.

Jesus is enough!