You’re on My List


Since becoming a mom, I have had the most joy, frustration, happiness, and anxiety all rolled into one, BIG, emotional roller coaster.  Not only do I appreciate my own mom so much more, I also have a whole new appreciation for sleep, privacy, and the ability to have any kind of social life!

In honor of this particular time of year, I wanted to share a list of mine.   This list reminds me to choose happy even on not so happy days!

Here it is:

We are chosen.  Everyday.  God chooses me.  He choses you.   My husband chooses me, and my kids choose me (for the most part anyway).  I’ll be honest, some days I wake up and can’t imagine anyone willingly wanting to be around me!  I am sure you can identify with the days you realize that you can’t even stand yourself…..even on those days we are chosen.  Even on those days it’s you and me who are put on this earth to be the best we can be for those who love us in spite of ourselves.

You and I were known by God before time.  That is pretty outstanding!  He knows each and everyone of us!   He knew me, the real me!  The me who loves to laugh with her husband, and can’t stand to be talked to before 9 am (that doesn’t work so well when you’re a mom).  The me who wants to make everybody happy, the me who argues with Him all the time, and the me who is grateful beyond words for this life.  He knew all of us before he even created this world, and even though he knew all beautiful and ugly details he did it anyway, for us!  Wow…just, wow!

Read Psalm 139; it’s pretty awesome!

We get to be part of THESE lives!  I get to walk alongside a guy who was made for me, and me for him.  I was the one who saw Jaden take his first breath.  It’s me who gets to help Bella practice for volleyball after school.  And, I am the one who gets to be mother of the bride at Olivia’s wedding.  Even though on some days it doesn’t seem so glamorous, I’m still the only one who gets to do these things.  Including, never ending track meets, endless laundry, and late night hugs when they just need their mama.  I am pretty confident it’s only gonna get better from here on out!  For you too!  Each and everyone of you plays a unique and very important part in the lives you’ve been given.  Please, don’t believe the lie that you are not needed or insignificant in this.  It’s the most important role we have.  It may not always be filled with adventure but it’s a part that only you can play.

Finally, we love our families! Bottom line.  End of the day.  After all is said and done, I love them more than life itself.  I know you all feel the exact same way.   So, no matter what the day brings, or how little sleep you get at night, let that love make you happy!  This love, gets us through the failed math tests, the drama that is picking out clothes in the morning with the girls, and makes me a happy girl even though my husband is still working at 11:30 pm.  And guess what?!! This love doesn’t even compare to the love God has for them!


So there it is!  A list of happy thoughts to get you through the days where being a mom seems kind of thankless; I hope it brought you some encouragement!

Oh, and I am all for starting a movement to make it Mother’s WEEK not just Mother’s DAY.  Who’s with me? 

Have a wonderful weekend!


**part of this was published last year; so your are not crazy if you think you’ve seen some of this before**