She Shares Truth…..Finally

This was the last week of She Shares Truth; and of course this is the week I am late to the game!  However, I really wanted to make this goal!  I promised myself I would participate each week!  Guess what?  Of course, this week (the LAST week) was SO busy!  With Spring Break and the kids being home, I felt like I didn’t really have time to study and put in my best effort…..and of course here it is Saturday night at 11:15, raining cats and dogs, but I am gonna finish!

This weeks passage is I Corinthians 2:1-5 (you can read it here).  In case you hadn’t noticed, I love The Message; I mean really, really, really, LOVE  The Message!

I don’t know about you guys but I have always been kinda intimidated by Paul.  He was a Pharisee;  which means he really knew his scripture!  And after he came to know who Jesus REALLY was on that dusty road to Damascus, he could not be stopped!  He spread the message of Christ everywhere!  He was the one who told the EARLY church how to do CHURCH!

So, to read a portion of scripture that starts out with Paul basically saying that he is at loss for words, or felt inadequate and was scared to death (according to The Message) to share Jesus with the church at Corinth surprises me!  This IS Paul we are talking about, remember! But the message came through anyway…..

The words Christ is enough keeps going through my head and my heart (heads up, I am probably going to write about it a few times).  I ended my post last week with those words and cannot stop thinking about them.  Even as I read this passage, what stands out to me the most is that Paul couldn’t do it on his own.  He didn’t have the words to impress them, he didn’t have the wisdom he felt he needed to convey the message.  He wasn’t qualified in his own mind to bring them the  good news.  But, you know what Christ was enough!  The story was enough!  Christ crucified; what He did for you and me is always ENOUGH!

Do you have any areas in your life right now that you are looking at dumbfounded?  Not able to find the words to speak into the situation to make it bearable?  Are there times when you are just flat out scared to death about something you have to face in this life?  I can say yes to all of those questions…..

I want to encourage you today that Jesus is enough!  Christ and Christ crucified is enough!  He is enough in any every situation we face.  He is enough when we are discouraged.  He is enough when we are scared.  He is enough when we are sick, and when we are poor, and when we are at the end of our rope.  On our own we cannot change a thing!  But Jesus, HE is ENOUGH!


4 thoughts on “She Shares Truth…..Finally”

  1. Beautiful writing. Is it really the truth that we can simply say, “He is enough?” The simple answer is…yes.

  2. I’m glad ur having fun at Mexico!!! 🙂 Have a safe trip back!!!!! When are coming back?
    Have FUN:-)

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