It’s Raining and Pouring and I Didn’t Want to Get Up this Morning

I am so excited that it seems like Fall has finally arrived here in Michigan!  We have three straight days of rain in front of us and I am more than just a little happy about it 🙂

I have missed the rain.  I love the rain.  To look out my living room window and see the sky that grayish blue color.  To see the clouds overflowing with drenching, soaking, beautiful rain.  Don’t get me wrong, was loving the sun filled blue skies we have had lately.  My soul gets happy seeing the sunshine and feeling its warmth.  But, I think I am not the first to admit how much we need this deep and cleansing rain.

I love to hear the drops hitting the roof of my house.  To see the collected tiny spatters form a puddle, that eventually becomes a flood and washes away the dirt and grime left behind sweltering summer days and nights.  Making the world dry and brown world around me green again.  I want to see the driving rain push everything out of its way, and leave only the colors of fall in its wake.  The build up from the hot summer lost in the deep cleansing showers of the falling drops of water.

Life.  The beautiful, chaotic, somewhat organized mess that I call my life could use a good rain too.


The promise of rain.

The certainty that He will come in exactly the way we need Him.

Sometimes, I need Him to come to me like a driving rain.  A storm that takes out all of the hurt, and replaces it with fresh earth ready to take what He wants to plant in place of what I have let take root.

The promise of rain.

A rain that knows that sometimes I need a slow, steady downpour.  A drenching that brings floods of grace and washes away the mistakes I can’t seem to let go.  A rain that makes those things that I hold onto so slippery my heart has no choice but to let them slip away.

The promise of rain.

He knows when I need a fresh and light drops of refreshing.  To feel His overwhelming love as a touch of healing and growth.  A rain that gently takes away longing and replaces it with the contentment that His grace and mercy bring.  A rain that forces me to grow because I can’t stop the nourishment it brings.

I will choose happy because of the promise this rain brings.  I long for it.  I can see the downpour and feel my soul being refreshed already.

He comes as rain comes, like spring rains refreshing the ground.

Hosea 6:3 The Message



*Again, no deja vu…I have been sharing some posts from the past and doing a little updating as I re-read them* 

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