I have said it before.

I will say it again.

♥♥ I love Fall ♥♥


The colors, the smells, the crisp air…I could go on and on and on!  I mean, I haven’t even mentioned Thanksgiving, or pumpkins, or pumpkin flavored anything, or mums, or how great it is to have a chai tea latte while watching football on a crisp Friday night.

See, I told you I can go on and on ♥

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I were talking about how the trees around us didn’t seem to be changing colors.  They were still pretty green, and I was getting antsy for the world to look like and feel like the season the calendar keeps saying it is!

Our backyard is gorgeous in the Fall.  We have the perfect mix of birch and maple trees, and they never cease to amaze me with the bright yellows, oranges, and reds they display.  This year the color change was taking forever!

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was here!  We woke up one morning and the trees were outstanding.

I wished I could just sit on my couch and take in the fabulous color.

All. Day. Long.

image5   image1-1   image4

One of our trees is exceptionally beautiful.  It sits just outside our family room window, and has the picture perfect blend of red, yellow, and orange.  When the sun shines in the morning, the rays catch it from behind and it looks as if it’s on fire.  It is gorgeous!  Fall beauty at its best.   The day went on, and we both admired the tree.  Each of us remarking how happy we were that it had finally changed, and how the light in the family room was completely different when the leaves were orange.  We talked about how it made the room feel more cozy because of the warm hues it sent through the windows.  And, mostly just how absolutely blessed we were to have this display in our backyard!

The next morning, we came downstairs needing to sneak another peak at the tree.

Both of us just stood in the room completely still and in total shock….the tree was bare!  Overnight, it had dropped every single leaf from its branches.  It just stood there gray and empty.  The light in the family room had changed again as the sun shone through the window with no leaves to catch.  We couldn’t help but feel a little bummed.  It happened so fast.  It was over even though it had just started.  And I wanted to look at it more!  I know, I know, I sound kinda whiny…..but it really was that beautiful.

Then, it was just


How many times have you felt done?  Like you have given all you had to give?  Laid bare all that you are and found yourself in a season that seems cold and empty?  Just standing there having done all everything you know how to do?

I have definitely been there.  It can be lonely to look around and feel like you are spent.   Like your season has come and gone, and you’re just standing empty.


I can’t tell you how much I want this next statement to sink in and hit you right in the heart!

The time we spend waiting is NEVER wasted time!

Think about it…that tree is gonna spend all Winter waiting.  In the waiting, it is going to draw nourishment.  It may look empty, but inside it is reaching deep into its roots and pulling up all it needs to survive.

Spring will bring rain and that tree will be refreshed.  It will bloom again and begin to fill up.

Summer sun will cause those buds to burst open and provide shade and shelter to world beneath it.

And, when THIS season comes again.  And, this tree is called on to be seen again, to be beautiful once more, and to be used…it will give what it has stored up in a minute.  No hesitation.

Oh, that I would be found like that tree!  Wanting to give.  Willing to lay all that I have at the feet of Jesus.  Letting go of all that I have stored up.  At a moments notice and with no second thoughts, I want to be found putting aside my goals and my desires to be used for Him and His glory.

Giving my all.  Giving my very best.  Giving every part of me, so I can be filled up with more of Him and less of me.

In every season.

Willing to be filled, so I can be emptied for Him.

Just like the trees in the backyard.



****and if you feel like you are having deja vu…you are!  I shared this post a couple of years ago; it was just on my heart for today****

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